1.1.2 Unpacking the Felder equipment

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Many of the attachments and accessories arrive screwed and strapped down to a pallet.  A pallet jack is often very useful for moving the equipment into final position.
The larger machines arrive on a pallet, are held in position with #30 Torx screws and steel brackets.  Working surfaces of raw iron or steel are coated with Cosmoline and will require cleaning with WD-40 or Kerosene.  Larger sliding tables are packages separately.
Smaller machines will arrive with the sliding table installed.  This photo shows a narrow blade pallet jack being used to position the machine.
Long sliding table configurations will be shipped with the sliding table off the machine and in a separate crate such as the one shown here.
Felder saws may arrive with the saw trunion tilted.  If your machine has electronic/motorized tilt, you will need power to the machine before beginning the alignment process.  It is a good idea to clean and apply rust prevention protection to the raw steel and iron surfaces before getting distracted with alignment.
Installing the 8 to 10 foot sliding table is a two person job. 
Shown at left is a photo of the mounting studs for the sliding table on the main chassis.  The lower extrusion of the sliding table slides onto the  mounting studs on the main chassis. Looking at the stud from the top, the channel on the bottom of the slider fits between the rectangular washer and the round washer just beneath it.
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