1.0  Introduction and Disclaimer

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The illustrations and tutorial information contained in the following web pages describe a series of methods to verify alignment, and make specific adjustments to Felder saw and/or shaper machines.  This information is neither provided by, nor sanctioned by Felder USA or its parent company.  These techniques are simply a collection of helpful hints based on the experience of the author, and drawing from the experience and teachings of other Felder users and field technicians. 

Perhaps the most practical use of this collection of web pages is to guide the new owner in understanding and verifying the commissioning process performed by a Felder technician.  Indeed, some of the adjustments discussed in this set of web pages can lead a new user to bollix up an otherwise useful machine.  Check with Felder before diving into any of the detailed adjustments yourself.

For completeness, a list of the alignment checks and adjustments typically performed on a new machine by the Felder technician during commissioning can be found here in the commissioning checklist.  The new user is encouraged to print a copy of this commissioning checklist and go through it with the technician during commissioning.  Additional information on specific alignment topics can be found in the Files section of the Felder Owners Group.

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22 May 2004

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Update:  A shop manual for the Felder sliding table saws and shapers is now available.  The Unofficial Survival Guide, as it's called, expands considerably upon the material in the web site, and has updated and enhanced alignment verification and adjustment procedures.  The Survival Guide is almost 300 pages in length and includes over 500 photos and illustrations.  You can see sample pages and a link to buy your own copy of this manual by clicking here.