Splinter Tongue Variations for the Felder "Pre X-Roll" Crosscut Fences

2/8/2004 David Best

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Standard sized splinter tongue.  Made from Woodpecker Phenolic-coated Baltic Birch (1/2" and 1").
Click Here for Woodpecker Plywood Information.
Tall splinter tongue extending to the shaper station used primarily as a backer-board limiting tear-out when cutting drawer ends with the Felder stacked Finger-Joint Cutter.
Extension splinter tongue.  Used primarily as a backer-board limiting tear-out when machining tenons with stacked rebate cutters at the shaper station.
Very wide splinter tongue used primarily when machining dados across mid-spans of panels at the router station.
Back of splinter tongue showing the three components.  Sacrificial face is Woodpecker 1" Baltic Birch Ply.  Middle section is Woodpecker 1/2" Baltic Birch Ply.  Fence alignment tab on rear is poplar.