Stonehorse Farm Under Construction


The Original Farmhouse and Driveway Configuration.


Front of house area to be demolished. Front of house.


Master wing - April versus September 2001 Landscaping - June versus August 2001


New master bedroom wing framed. Inside new master wing.


Back side of garage, new family parking, master bedroom.


New septic system installation begins.  Septic field is one-half-mile from the tanks shown above.


Drain-field installation for garden area. Walks and garden area taking shape.


Back side of house weather tight. Laying out the new walks through the garden.

The garage doors will be relocated to the opposite side of the garage, and Doric columns with pergola added on this (garden side) of the garage.


Master wing from rear. Master wing from rear four months later.


Honeydust walks and steel edging - consistent with the period detailing at nearby Monticello.

The garage doors will be relocated to the opposite side of the garage, and Doric columns with pergola added on this (garden side) of the garage.

Front garden walks and edging.


Walkway from garage to house.


Herb garden capstone with pads for Doric columns.


Platforms for Doric columns at end of garden. 


The house from the rear showing new master wing, copper roof on garage. 


Master wing.


Detail showing craftsmanship going into the staircase.


Spring planting begins at Stonehorse Garden.
Garage doors relocated - FINALLY !
Willow Oak tree installed in garden.


Even the garage gets purple shutters that really close!


Front walk looking back family parking area.  Armillary Sphere added to garden.


Back of house showing wrought iron work.


The balcony off the study.


Center of front garden looking to columns.


Center of front garden looking to columns.  Crape Myrtle just starting bud break.


Herb garden on right - mint, purple basil, rosemary, thyme, and others.


This is the family entry door.  Grasses starting to send up plumes.


Center fountain, columns and barns in background.


Front porch on right, tall grasses lining the walk to garage in foreground. 


Column garden starting to fill in with grass.  This will become a sitting area.


Center garden again.


The center fountain has given the garden a more finished look.


The guest (front) entry is on the side of the house.  No one can find it, so we're going to add signs along the path from the guest parking area.


Master wing taken from within the fencing that surrounds the HVAC equipment.


Master wing from garage walkway, tall grasses along the walk.


Stone path to center fountain.


View of fencing surrounding family parking and HVAC equipment.


More columns.  Butterfly Bush and Lilly in front.


The playhouse now matches the color of the main house.


Stone steps leading to croquet pitch.  Seeded for grass along sides.