I Love to write - especially when I can combine my interest in other areas in my writing.  Below are some of my publications - most drawing on my interest and experience in woodworking. 

Quite by accident I ended up becoming something of a technical expert on European woodworking machinery.  Over the past several years I have been chronicling my discoveries about this fine equipment in a set of web-based woodworking tutorials as well as an extensive reference book on  setup and alignment of the equipment. 

Below you will see most of my tutorials along with a summary and link to the book.  Enjoy, and thanks for visiting.



The Unofficial Survival Guide


Description: An owners guide to installation, alignment and use of Felder sliding table saws and shapers.


This manual is intended to assist current and potential owners of Felder sliding table equipment in several ways. If you are an expectant Felder owner, this manual can help you specify, plan for and deal with equipment delivery and electrical service needs. New users can be on the same page with the Felder technician during commissioning, and insure the equipment is properly calibrated and aligned. If you are inclined to install and calibrate the equipment yourself, this is an insider's look at how it is done, and done right the first time. Existing users will find this a valuable resource in maintaining alignment and performance of their equipment. This manual is titled a Survival Guide precisely because it includes most of the information needed for users of this Felder equipment to become self-reliant in the setup, service and use. The contents are generally applicable to the following equipment: Felder K700 Saw, F700 Shaper, KF700 Saw/Shaper Combination Machine, 900-Series Saw, Format-4 kappa 30 and kappa 40 Saws. This manual is organized in a tutorial fashion. It contains step-by-step illustrated guides to most of the assembly and alignment chores a user will likely face. However, it stops short of trying to assist the user in serious overhaul or faulty mechanical parts replacement. In spite of the tutorial nature of the materials, it is organized with the goal of also being an effective reference resource. For instance, the final section contains an extensive index, and the manual is organized in a manner that progresses from delivery planning to basic assembly and alignment verification, with the more advanced topics dealing with complex calibration methods in the back sections. There are several Appendix sections provided primarily as reference, including a trouble-shooting guide and the Commissioning Checklist.

Book Details:

  • Paperback: 286 pages

  • Binding: Wire-O


Click here to see a sample of The Unofficial Survival Guide (otherwise known as "the Felder manual").

Methods of Work Tutorials

This site is just coming together, so it has lots of missing components and rough edges.

        Click on the thumbnail image to view the tutorial


Tenon Cutting on the Spindle Shaper
Selection and Use of Tenoning Hoods on the Spindle Shaper
Setting up the Lock-Miter Cutter on the Spindle Shaper, including Vertical Milling Jig with Plans for Construction
Splinter Tongue Variations for "Pre X-Roll" Crosscut Fences
Air Distribution System for the Felder Format Sliding Table.
Photos of the Felder Tenoning Plate on the new X-Roll table illustrating the fence stop effectiveness.
The Ultimate alternative to a "Plain Jane" Drill Press.
The commissioning and alignment of a Felder X-Roll sliding table saw, saw/shaper or shaper. Includes Commissioning Checklist, required tools, alignment verification and adjustment techniques.

Click here to turn your Felder KF700 saw/shaper into the ultimate router table.  An alternative to the HS Router Spindle.



How to know if your Felder saw has the removable scoring arbor flange, and how to adjust belt tension on the "standard" scoring unit on the 700-series machines.  Click here.





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