Photography has been one of my passions since high school. I was able to use my photography skills to pay for my college education, and since then, this has been an avocation rather than a vocation per se. I have trained with some of the best present-day professionals, and have been fortunate enough to photograph around the globe.   

Photography is one of the ways I experience being an artisan. Below are some of my personal favorites from my portfolio. I am equally at home in the studio or on location, and while my early works were produced with wet chemistry film and paper, all of my work is now digitally archived and mastered, and I migrated to digital image capture exclusively in 2000. The images below are "as captured" and unaltered in content, and none are composite compositions - including the mid-air dancer shots. Thanks for viewing. 



Recent Interpretive Work

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The Other Man

A personal project created in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  Be advised there are some nude photographs in this presentation. 

This is an interpretive visual story that I conceived, photographed and assembled into a presentation in a single 24 hour period as a teaching example.   This movie version contains low resolution images for purposes of download speed and presentation efficiency.  The accompaniment is the Adagio from the Marcello Oboe Concerto in D minor which I performed in high school with the Connecticut College orchestra.

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Model Study

A personal project created in Bouex, France.  Be advised there are some nude photographs in this presentation.

This project was in response to a young woman's request for images of her during pregnancy to share with her loved ones - some literal, some impressionistic, some interpretative.


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Candid Images


Studio Images




Model Study



Places & Things






Strange Things



Oklahoma - the Musical

Photos of the production of Oklahoma produced and performed by the 2007 graduating class of Katherine Delmar Burkes School on 31 May 2007.




Travel Snapshots


Durango-Silverton Colorado Train Excursion

Snapshots taken April 2007 subsequent to Inner Bonding workshop in Durango.









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