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Packing and Loading Shop in Virginia - July 31, 2005

David P. Best


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A rigging crew from Richmond Virginia was hired to palletize the machines and boxes and load a dedicated tractor/trailer rig for transport to the bay area.  On Friday, a crew of 5 riggers spent 12 hours getting everything ready to load the following Monday.
Because of the intense heat, as much of the staging of machines and palletizing was done in the confines of the air conditioned main shop section.
This is the Format-4 Dual 51 palletized and ready to load.
Small but heavy machinery items were bolted to pallets.
This was the hottest day in 5 years - measuring 107 degrees.  The wine collection which I boxed and palletized myself was moved to the shop to keep cool before loading on the refrigerated trailer rig.  This photo shows three of the 8 pallets of wine.
Pallet staging went on for a solid 12 hours manned by two riggers, while the other three riggers did machinery teardown and preparation.
Two 53 foot trailers were hired to drive the shop and wine collection from Virginia to San Francisco.  The shop trailer is on the left, and the refrigerated trailer for the wine was on the right.  Luckily they both showed up on the same day - as scheduled.
This is how much of the shop ended up packaged for loading onto the trailer.
The large doors to the shop gave easy access by forklift.
I personally built crates for several of the machines.  Although I hated doing it, I ended up using 3/4" Cherry veneer plywood for many of the crates since it's what I had laying around from previous projects.
After palletizing, the riggers would pull shrink wrap around the pallets.
The loading (day 2) involved the use of two forklifts - one to move the pallet to the flatbed trailer used as a loading platform, and a second forklift on the flatbed that maneuvered the pallets into position in the trailer.
This photo illustrates the pallet loading process.
The shop did not fit on the 53 foot trailer.  Extra room was found on the refrigerated trailer - intended originally for just the wine - to hold the shop overflow.
Some of the pallets were huge and weighed over 4000 pounds.  107 degrees and 95 percent RH.  Whew!
Shop rig loaded and ready for transport.  Delivery ONE week later was on time, went without a hitch, and required only 2 guys and a single forklift.